Monday, January 31, 2011

favorite resolution

(photo only somewhat related to this post, but i love the picture so whatever)

i was visiting my oldest friend today (not as in age, as in length of friendship), and she asked if i was ever going to blog again.

oh boy, it's true. ever since i had penny, i feel like i have less time to blog. and my parents came home from their mission, so i don't have to blog for them anymore. the best time for me to blog is after the kids are in bed, and by that time of day i'd rather poke my eyes out than put together a cohesive sentence. in the end, these are all excuses. and i like blogging. so maybe i'll try to be better. maybe.

we've been doing some fun things, and eventually maybe i'll post them here. but now i want to talk about what we have NOT been doing.

when i was making resolutions, i had lots of ideas of going new places. having new friends over. parties. time out with each child. date night with j--once a month (i tried to be realistic). family vacations.

after looking at all of the resolutions, i started getting overwhelmed. i had a lot of places to go and things to do. and i like being out...if i'm home too much i go crazy. but if i'm gone too much, i'm also crazy.

so my favorite resolution was born: one day a week, don't leave the house. stay at home all day. clean. snuggle. no media--no t.v., no computer, no iphone. laundry. crafts. forts. naps.

i rotate between my rooms--always cleaning the bedrooms, toilets, and living room every week, and then focusing one week on the kitchen and one week in each of my bathrooms. i've cleaned deeper in my house than i have in a long time. my house loves me. my kids get great rest and wonderful play time together. and when i got out the rest of the week, i don't feel guilty because my house is nice and clean.

i think this was one of my greatest ideas. tuesday is now my favorite day.


Bridget said...

Yay! Stay home Tuesdays - I like it! Sounds fantastic (for you). If I were to designate stay home days, I'd probably have to have at least 3 because I really don't have all that many places to go. In fact, I just realized I have already subconsciously scheduled weekly "get out of the house" days complete with contrived outings. Which partially explains why I'm enrolling Paige in an extra day of preschool next year. She is not as much of a homebody as her mother :)

Bridget said...

OH, and super super cute picture! Just had to add that.

Ruth said...

love it - the post, the picture. Yes, please blog or at least email me every so often. I love hearing how you are doing.

Sharalea said...

Love the photo--very artistic & I could almost hEAR the girlie giggles!!

Ummm I love this idea. I do stay in alot but I like the idea of the no computer, no phone, no extras--just home life & being a Mom. I need to focus my attention on that in larger chunks of time instead of so sporadically throughout my day/week.

Thanks for the insight--awesome resolution!!

Carey said...

I swear that you are the SMARTEST woman in the world. I am so stealing this idea!

Owner of the Band said...

I like it, but the joy of staying home for me is TV nap times. On Tuesdays and Fridays, while Quinn is at school and Kenna is napping ... I hulu my brains out. I love it. But I do like the idea of a day with no media for the kids and some extra time to clean. I think I try to do my cleaning while I am on boring conference calls for work. But I never get very deep into the system that way. I think more cleaning is in order. But Tuesdays are my only days off ... when will I ever see you again without Tuesdays? I guess I'll need to come see my magic doctor in Springville to see you soon.

Denise Robertson said...

What an awesome idea! I think I have the only kid in America that doesn't like TV, so we have no TV evening quite a bit. That being said, I could get my lazy butt off my computer more often and shift that focus elsewhere :P

janae said...

Yay! You're back!!! Even if only once in a while. I'm just glad to ... hear your voice? see your typing?? ... whatever. You understand. :)

austinamasandra said...

You need to blog, for me. I know it's hard to find the time but we love to know what the family is up too. Welcome back!!!