Thursday, September 2, 2010

for sale

Today is a very bittersweet day.

Today we put our house up for sale.

We are devastated.

And so excited.

About two weeks ago, we found a spot for lease by the University of Utah. A spot for J Dawgs. Great location, cool building, great price. We found the owner, told him who we were, and he said he wanted us.


We love Springville and never wanted to leave. We have the best neighbors. Our house is one of a kind. We love the location, the charm, and the smaller town feel. We love the mix of people we've met here.

But the construction on the freeway is harsh. And I want to see my husband. And the girls need to see their dad. And opening a new store is going to require many many hours.

We are so sad to go. We probably won't go too far--possibly American Fork? We still have a Provo store to watch over. But we know once we leave, we won't come back. And that is just about enough to crush us.

We really hope we can find someone who loves this house as much as we do. Someone who will enjoy our brand new patio, the soon-to-open 40,000 square foot library across the street, the 12 foot ceilings, hardwood floors, air conditioning, and mature trees.

And, we especially hope to find someone who will love our neighbors. We will miss them.


SNSsoup said...

American Fork??? You can buy my sister's house. It's for sale and right by the temple. Basement is totally finished, yard is totally done with a patio, nice kid playground, trampoline, brand new granite counter tops, brand new paint, brand new plantation shutters through out the house, a private park across the street, elementary school with in walking distance AND a great ward! Just saying... never mind all of that, I'm excited for you! It's gonna be stressful but so exciting!!! If you decide to change your mind about A.F. (because really the street construction there sucks too- they've been tearing up the streets there for the last 2+ years) you can always start looking in Saratoga Springs or The Ranches... there are AMAZING deals out this way, beautiful homes, ideal neighborhoods AND the commute isn't bad at all. + they've opened Pioneer Crossing and they're working on a couple of other BIG roads out this way that will cut down on commuting. Just saying... anyhow, where ever you guys decide to move, we're excited... but I will be sad not to see that beautiful molding and detail on your ceilings. Your place now really does have SO much charm!

buttercup said...

Heidi, I am in tears reading this. Of course you couldn't grow your family (and your business) in that house, but I will miss you SO much when you go. You are like sunshine in a bottle. We will have to still get together for lunch every so often. (Speaking of which--weren't we supposed to do lunch for my birthday?) Congratulations on the new Location near the U. That is truly wonderful for you. Love you.

i am janae said...

So sad!! I mean, I'm thrilled about the U location, that's awesome. But leaving somewhere you love is so, so hard. Good luck with selling your house!

Sharalea said...!!!

BIG changes ahead for your family & the business--so exciting! Springville will miss you, no doubt--but wherever you end up will be so glad to have you! Good luck with all of the details, it's sad to leave a home you've loved and improved so much!

Alison said...

So is it official? Did you get the space! That is bittersweet. Your house is so lovely and you guys have worked hard on it.

Good decision though - traffic stinks and finding a middle ground will be much more time and cost effective. How soon are you moving? I guess Mae will have another first day of school?

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

These times of "change" are exciting indeed. We just moved to Cedar Hills. That and Highland/Alpine are great inbetween the two valleys spots. Good Luck!

Jamie Meacham said...

Or you can come to TRaverse mtn. My cousin is selling her home for a killer price and it is beautiful! Call me! love ya!

Shelley said...

Oh whew! I thought you were going to sale JDawgs and I was thinking.... what is going on?! That is so great though about university of Utah. My really good friend Cori Larsen just moved to SLC last week and started working at the school of business. I bet you run into her! I love you much! Congrats and sorry you have to say goodbye to something you really built from the ground up!

Elisa said...

If I still lived in Utah, I would SO buy your house! It is adorable! I ahave always loved it and always wished i had been able to see the inside, if it's anything like the outside - I'm sure it will not dissapoint :) I love old houses... Good luck with your next chapter of life! Sounds FUN!!

Denise Robertson said...

Wish we could buy it; it's beautiful. Good luck on the sale.

shareka said...

If you need a night and weekend empolyee I will apply :) lol I'm glad you'll be closer so I dont have to drive an hour for hot dogs but I'll miss the old place. Ben is SOOO excited he LOVES J Dawgs.

That Girl said...


Way to make me cry. And grin. I think it was Steal Magnolias where someone said "laughing through tears is my favorite emotion."

I don't agree.

I'm so sorry girl. Turning to new chapters is so hard.