Saturday, May 1, 2010


It's just been one of those weeks.

You know the kind of week I'm talking about.

But the nitty-gritty of it is that I am extremely blessed and ridiculously happy. So instead of ranting, I'd like to show you some pictures from my phone that hopefully will bring you laughter like they do for me.

Mae is quite the fashion diva. I feel that parents and kids could fight about things often--holding hands when you cross the road, not playing with the stove, etc. Since Mae is pretty strong willed, I feel that I'd rather pick my battles. So why fight about what she wears all the time?

She changes at least six times a day and comes up with the silliest outfits.

Special attention is often paid to footwear.

She did this to her shoes on the way to the aquarium.

Speaking of fashion...I see it on other babies and I think I should do it on my baby too. But really, when I try I just think it looks ridiculous. Really really ridiculous.

Jayson was in charge of baths one night. I guess he wanted to give Penny a spa experience. Mae and Jayson got out straws and gave her bubbles too. (umbrella in the bottle?!)

I ordered a few things from, and it all game in a ginormous box. Mae slept in it for a week.

I was in the bathroom doing my business and she came in...

Bath time!

You've seen cattle trucks on the highways. But have you ever seen what is spilling out the back? Poop, all over the road.

I was trying to take a nap...and I was so rudely disturbed.

Say cheese!

Sometimes we deface government property (j dawgs sticker on a firetruck).

Once a family member said they wanted to live on an island with a mote.......uh...don't all islands kind of have a mote? So we made this individual an island with "a mote" out of playdough.

We also made people in snuggies, because everyone in this world should have a snuggie.

I saw truck's bed piled high with twinkies and ho-ho's and covered with a chain-link fence. I was utterly befuddled. What in the world would you do with millions of twinkies?

Turns out they feed them to pigs. They come from the hostess outlets' outlet (can you believe there's such a thing?). Makes you want some pork. Oink, oink!

We need to keep an eye on Mae whenever she plays with stamps. At least she found the M.

Bubble wrap!
She rules the roost!

Hungry and tired. Guess which one won?

Remember how Jayson rented an Easter Bunny suit?

Mae has always had a tendency to run around. She was trying to get out the door at church, and her dress got stuck in it. We still had a few things to take care of, so we left her there for a few minutes. We were just happy she was contained.

Will it blend? Have you seen those video's on youtube? Hilarious. We bought a blendtec and got to see the set.

Time to swim!

Lastly at Powells Books in Portland.

My girls don't lack personality...that's for sure!

I feel better already.


j@nAe said...

You have one amazing set of pictures! I laughed so hard!

Sharalea said...

Awesome photo collection--your girls are adorable & you have a WONDERFUL LIFE!! Even if this week was crazy-!

Kudos for counting your blessings instead of dwelling on the hard days.

Ruth said...


Denise Robertson said...

What a fun family. I want to come and live at your house!

Sheli said...

HILARIOUS!!!!! Loved that ginormous flower on Penny....really! I just don't get those sometimes! I have been trying to mellow out some and pick my battles as well. In some areas it has really helped...especially with Carter. Keep your chin up and try to laugh through it! Great collection. I will have to find some of my own to post. By the way....can I have a JDawgs sticker????

Kris and Kally said...

It has been a rough couple of days back east...I needed this blog post tonight! Thanks for always bringing a huge smile to my face! (and wetness to my britches cause the picture of penny with sunglasses and tropical drink made me wet myself!) The girls are darling, as is their mother! Hope all is well! Much love!

Josh and Jolie said...

I, too, have learned to pick my battles. Every morning before I'm even conscious, both my girls hound me to put on their "princess dresses". As the day goes on, they change dresses at least 3 times.

and the ginormous flowers on baby girls' heads??! Yeah. I don't get that one either. I've always thought they were retarded. ;-)

and after learning that pigs are fed twinkies, I think I just might hurl right now. That's disgusting!
If bacon and ham wasn't so darn delicious, I would stop eating pig meat out of principle. Alas, I probably won't though. Ahhhh, bacon sounds good right now...

Elizabeth said...

I loved this.

And your commentary was equally as entertaining.

liz hawkins said...

The flower might be just a tad bit too big for baby Penny. :)

Mae is adorable!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Mae's outfits rock.

You have beautiful girls.

Harmony said...

This post totally made me excited for when Megan decided to dress herself. I'll be curious to see what kind of fashion sense she has! I loved this post! So fun! A great little sampling of your recent life. Blah. We need to get together. What's our deal anyway?

austinamasandra said...

Tha's for updating your blog. I should do the of these days!!! :) Your kids are sooo darling!!! LOved the photos!!!

shareka said...

This made my week... I miss that beautiful girl and her crazy antics. And Penny is adorable.

darcie said...

You guys are fun people! I loved looking at all your pictures, especially Mae's outfits and Penny's big flower! They are too cute!

That Girl said...

Love it - it makes me want to take more pictures of our own brood.