Wednesday, February 24, 2010


last monday we decided that we needed to go to portland so our girls could see their family. tuesday we set up our schedule so we could leave and wednesday we were out the door by 2 after jayson finished catering.

jayson's parents live outside of portland. both of their parents live within 10 minutes of their home. also jayson's brother and his wife, aunts and uncles, and many friends live there. we were able to visit many of them and hit all of our favorite spots. mostly we just enjoyed hanging out together.

a four generation shot with great grandpa edwards.

the girls with great grandpa edwards.

and a four generation shot with great grandma rudolph.

watching for the squirrels at mom and dad's. mae was memorized.

usually portland is very rainy. not this weekend--we had sun everyday. it was so wonderful.

at the park two houses down.

mom and dad picked up a powerwheels for free! mae loved it.

we swam in the hot tub twice.

we went downtown a couple times. the first time we walked by the river for a bit. the second time we went to heaven--a.k.a. powells books (68,000 square feet full of books) and sur la table (any kitchen thing you could ever want).

we found this fountain and mae had a blast playing in it. the clothes slowly started coming off as she got more and more wet. it was maybe 55 degrees outside.

the pants even came off. i was hesitant, but everyone said "this is portland!"

penny just hung out.

i have three restaurants i love to eat at when in portland.

1. e-sans thai cuisine.

2. bob's red mill (we ate here twice).

3. burgerville.

we hit all three and i had an obscene amount of tilamook ice cream. i was in food heaven/food coma.

sunday we had many visitors. we are very lucky to know so many wonderful people. monday it all had to end and we started our drive home. it was a fantastic trip. i found my inner hippie. we love portland!


Sharalea said...

What a fun trip! Portland is on my top 10 list of places to go (that I haven't been to yet!), glad you had such a great time!!

austinamasandra said...

I agree with Shara, I really want to go to Portland because everyone says the wheather is alot like Portugal, plus it's by the sea...I'm sooo glad you got to get out of the cold and go have a fun with family!!!!

erin said...

I love that you include Burgerville!! That place has many memories for me

Ruth said...

looks fun!

Denise Robertson said...

Totally fun. Never been there, but now I want to!

Elizabeth said...

That Powells Books sounds amazing. I could lose myself in a bookstore. obscene amount of ice cream? You and I could be BFFs lady! Maybe we should have a girls night out one of these days and go to Coldstone and eat an obscene amount together. Wanna? ;)

j@nAe said...

Wait. There is a Bob's Red Mill restaurant?! I didn't know that! I buy a ton of the products, but had no clue there was a restaurant. What a fun vacation!

The Livingstones said...

i could really go for a fun trip myself. something where we can actually walk without having to slog through 2 feet of snow. winter is getting really, really old!
looks like it was a fun trip!

Sarah Johnson said...

i'm so glad your found your inner hippie! looks like a fun trip!

Christa Jeanne said...

Mmmmm, Tillamook ice cream... I got absolutely hooked on the chocolate-peanut butter flavor when I lived in Seattle. SOOOO good!!! Isn't the Pacific Northwest the best? Glad you had such a delightful trip!

Angie said...

Hi Heidi,
I've had some fun the last few days reading through some of your old posts {perhaps that seems a little stalkerish!} and they make me smile.
You have a cute family and a fun life. I like reading about people who just enjoy life and you seem to be one of those.
Also, you've inspired me...
We recently went to Disneyland and when I got home, I was so homesick for it! Then I read one of your posts where you mentioned that you made a goal for yourself to lose a certain amount of weight and when you hit that goal, you rewarded yourself with Disneyland! I love that reward and I'm stealing the idea! As soon as this baby comes out of me, I'm whipping myself into shape and taking myself back to Disneyland!
Just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog. Makes me happy.

k e n d r a said...

mae looks so old and so cute!

i can't believe we've never been to portland. will you let us know next time you go?