Thursday, November 12, 2009

welcome, penny.

i haven't blogged much since penny made her appearance, so i thought i'd share a bit about her arrival.

i was pretty worn out and tired of being pregnant at my 40 week check up. my doctor told me that i would most likely be overdue. that didn't sound too fantastic to me, but when he offered to induce me, i froze up. thankfully jayson was there to remind me that i had said that morning that i would jump at the chance to be induced. i had wanted to let things go naturally, but by that point i was so miserable that i was ready to get this show on the road.

i checked into the hospital two days later at 5 a.m. i was so lucky--my neighbor and good friend was my nurse and saved me the "suite." my room was gigantic, and the best part of the hospital where i delivered is that you labor, deliver and recover in the same room.

they started my pitocin at 6 a.m. the anesthesiologist, who happened to be jayson's former bishop came in next and started my epidural. my epidural with mae was terrible, but this epidural was fantastic. dr. taylor is a saint. as he walked out, dr. judd walked in and broke my water (about 7 a.m.). i labored very comfortably, but penny wasn't very comfortable--her heart rate was all over the place. luckily, things progressed quickly and i was complete and ready to go by 9:15. dr. judd came in at 9:30 and penny was born at 9:59 a.m. and, i watched the whole thing (a first for me!).

this delivery was a completely different experience than mae's birth. it was incredibly comfortable and quick. i loved my nurse, my anesthesiologist, and my doctor. my epidural wore off quickly and i was up and walking around 2 hours later. i even got to take a trip to the nursery and watch penny have her first bath. i've heard a lot of people complain about the nurses checking them constantly--but i think the nurses came in twice the rest of the day. i felt so great, that we went home the next morning. really, it was one of the most amazing experiences i've ever had.

we're so grateful everything went so beautifully. she's amazing.


Denise Robertson said...

Glad to hear things went so well. She is a beautiful baby. Congrats!

"Our Three Sons" said...

1st birth: 36 hours total. No drugs for the first 24 hours, 10 of which I was in full swing transition double peaking contractions and all. Then 3 hours of pushing where the epidural wore off not one, not two, but three times. Pure Hell!

2nd Birth: 5 hours total with the epidural working great for 4 and half hours of it. Pure Bliss!

I love second Births.

Sharalea said...

I smiled the entire time I read your story! Great room, great nurse, great Dr, great plan, 4 hours & BAM! Mama & Baby are happily together! I'm glad it was such a smooth delivery--sounds AMAZING. Thank you for sharing, and congratulations again! Love the updates!

j@nAe said...

My second when dramatically better than the first, too. I'm so glad it went so smoothly. Thanks for writing this all - I love birth stories!

austinamasandra said...

I'm glad all went that good!!!!

Jamie Meacham said...

I am not liking the sound of the mae experience, but I am so glad that penny's birth went so well! COngrats, she is gorgeous and so is darling little miss mae! How fun. Can't wait to see you soon!