Wednesday, May 7, 2008


There are a few things that Mae feels very passionately about. One of them is bubbles. I hear that word around 12 times per hour. She politely requests to go outside ("side") and grabs any container of bubbles she can find.

I've shopped around for bubbles quite a bit. I do enjoy the bubble wands ($1.00) I recently purchased at Walmart. The bubble wand creates large, quality bubbles. The only problem is the wand is not very sturdy and has broken a few times on me. I've tried some other bubbles, but I'm sold on a specific brand of bubbles: ice cream cone bubbles.

Joy told me about them, and I finally believed her enough to go pick some up. They are deliciously scented (I almost snacked on the mint yesterday) and adorably packaged. They can double as a chew toy for your baby. But above all else people, they are the best bubbles known to man. One little puff and 50 bubbles come out. They are long lasting and resilient. I L-O-V-E these bubbles.

If your child is a bubble fanatic like mine, head on over to the dollar tree and pick yourself up some ice cream bubbles. I just cleaned out the Provo location, so you may have to search around. (Three packages, $1.00).


buttercup said...

That is a GRREAT summer idea. I'll have to go find a Dollar Tree you haven't cleaned out! :)

Joy said...

You failed to mention that they make the coolest popping sound and you can bounce the bubbles off of each other. I LOVE them too! I am glad you trusted me enough to listen! I blew a few of these on my mission! It was a great stress reliever!