Thursday, March 6, 2008

binkie obsessed.

We only let Mae keep her binkie in her crib (for the most part). She thinks that rule is dumb and has developed her own strategy.

Oh my oh my. What will I do with this child?


Shannon Bousfield said...

Something to think about with the binkie...We are trying to help Sarah stop sucking her thumb. Yeah, that's right. Sarah. Nine years old in 6 days. Anyway, we thought we were being kind parents by letting her 'decide on her own' that she was done with thumbsucking, rather than force her to quit at an earlier, much more reasonable age. But the time came when we had to intervene. And you know what? She is MAD at us for letting her suck her thumb for so long. She said, "Why didn't you make me quit earlier? It would have been easier if I had quit when I was like 3 because I had only been sucking my thumb for 3 years. But now I've been sucking my thumb for almost 9 years and it's really hard to quit!!"

I cannot do anything right.

austinamasandra said...

What are you talking about, she cleans & cooks 'member!?