Sunday, October 14, 2007

In loving memory of Patricia Ann Frei Thompson

On Friday, October 12th, funeral services were held for my Aunt Pat. It was a fabulous celebration of her life and I am so grateful I could attend. I have posted some pictures of the event so that those who couldn't be there can feel some of the Spirit we felt.

Here is Aunt Pat and Uncle Doyle at my wedding 2 years ago. Pat has been struggling with Multiple Sclerosis for over 52 years. She was a warrior against the deterioration the disease brought. Pat never never ever had a bad attitude. She was always cheerful and a joy to be around.

Here is the funeral program. The five speakers were Pat and Doyle's five daughters. They each told wonderful stories about Pat. Since Pat has been sick for so long, the girls felt it appropriate to tell stories of her life that would illustrate the person she was.

The grandchildren all shared a thought--a brief testimony about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the resurrection. They all ended with "my grandma knew it too." The songs were all very emotional. The man who sang "How Great Thou Art" was accompanied by the congregation because he couldn't finish.

Aunt Pat was laid to rest next to my grandpa and grandma. The headstone shown is the back of Gpa & Gma's headstone and has the poem, Together. Together was written by Grandpa for Grandma, and is very special to all of us.

The men bring Pat to her final resting place.

The bishop spoke a minute before Uncle Gordon dedicated the grave.

A very emotional moment....

Here is Gpa & Gma's headstone again, with a part of "Together."

Drew took a second to clean it off.

Here is Kim (daughter #2) and her family.

The girls and Doyle road in the limo together to the cemetary. Tricia, Doyle, Emily (?), and Kim.

Tamie, Shauna, and Stephanie on the other side of the limo.

We are grateful for our knowledge of Jesus Christ and the resurrection. We know families can be together forever. We will miss Aunt Pat, but we know we will see her again.


Shannon Bousfield said...

Thanks for posting the pictures and notes from the service. It was beautiful.

SharTrevHarp said...

sweet. what a different feeling at an lds funeral--eternal perspective. beautiful.